Parking in Golden

  • short-term parking like how you park your private vehicle when you travel to a grocery store or a park, or a nice restaurant in a big city
  • long-term parking like how you might park your vehicle in a garage, driveway, or street, at night or for a day, week, or month
  • commercial parking like how commercial vehicles (semi-trailers, heavy commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles, company cars, company trucks, delivery vehicles, and more) fulfill their purpose, be it transporting materials, tools, people, parcels to any specific place for any particular purpose for any particular length of time
  1. a broad overview of how parking should be approached (from an academic & operational point of view)
  2. a broad overview of evidence that parking is indeed being quite mishandled
  3. A few heuristics you can take forward to evaluate the parking situation in your own day-to-day (warning, you might not be able to un-read any of what you’re about to read)
  4. an explanation of how to fix it

The Fix For Parking Problems

These two books contain 100% of the solution to the following problems in Golden:

  • The parking problems
  • the traffic problems
  • the “unaffordable housing” problems
  • the “unaffordable commercial space” problems
  • the homelessness problems
  • and more
  1. Charge fair market prices for on-street parking
  2. Spend the revenue to benefit the metered neighborhoods
  3. Remove off-street parking requirements.

Examining Golden-specific parking problems

Golden proudly proclaims that it has lots of free parking. Here’s all of Golden’s parking:

  • Multiple parking garages
  • multiple surface parking lots
  • lots of curb space

Resources around the harms of parking minimums

Further reading

  1. Link to Farnam piece, examples of other complex reactive systems, disambiguate from complex non-reactive systems.
  2. Parking is just one portion of the problem. A big one. And our broken parking regime isn’t just the cause of many problems, it’s also a result of other broken systems. See my explainer about Robert Moses for more.



Software, rock climbing, books. I love to learn.

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Josh Thompson

Josh Thompson

Software, rock climbing, books. I love to learn.